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Hi there, Here is Yeliz Obergfell from SkillFront. Recently, our CEO and Chief Trainer, Erkan Sutculer, has delivered his SkillFront’s Scrum MasterClass Training.

This SkillFront training week has been ridiculously busy and exhaustive, but also a fun week for us. We can only hope that you enjoyed watching the SkillFront classes as much as we did while we were presenting them. Thanks a million times for showing up and even more so for actively engaging with us and our group of professionals.

SkillFront MasterClass Annoucement

If you found this the SkillFront MasterClass valuable for your professional development and if you would love to continue learning together with us, here is the limited-time MasterClass Bundle.

Many people have asked us since last week, what if they already possess one or some of the SkillFront programs provided in the MasterClass Bundle. If this is the case, we will be happy to swap them with other programs from our portfolio of International Scrum Institute and SkillFront programs to ensure that the MasterClass Bundle will perfectly comply with your goals and needs. After your enrollment to the SkillFront MasterClass Bundle, please let us know the names of certifications you had already completed in the past, and with which programs you would love to swap them. We’re going to immediately handle your swap request, and deliver your new SkillFront exam access codes.

Did you know that the number one reason people fail in Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban is not due to the lack of business savviness and experience but because they don’t have formal SkillFront Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban trainings and certifications to prove their expertise?

Here is the problem you face: Even if they feel that they need you as their Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban Professional for their teams and business, most people, teams, and companies do not know how to interview and select Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban Professionals, so they end up trusting and hiring the ones who have relevant SkillFront Scrum, DevOps and Kanban trainings and certifications.

Which means without possessing proper SkillFront Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban Professional credentials, you’ll never get a chance to serve your clients and build a positive impact on their goals, lives, and businesses.

Luckily for you, there is now a solution. Let me introduce you to the SkillFront MasterClass Bundle: 8 Certifications (including Scrum Master Accredited Certification) For Scrum, DevOps and Kanban Professionals to help everyone master in Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban skills and prove their expertise with courses and certifications.

About SkillFront

SkillFront is the Leading Independent Training, Certification, and Accreditation Institute that helps Companies and Professionals get accredited with worldwide renowned and recognized Scrum Certifications and prove their competence in the Scrum Domain. SkillFront empowers Professionals and Enterprises worldwide to build their Careers and Companies to sell their Outstanding Agile Products and Services.

SkillFront Accreditation

SkillFront is a private company officially registered in Switzerland. SkillFront build its services, and they serve you and your business from Switzerland with love. SkillFront has been founded and is being operated by Erkan Sutculer’s leadership. The registered purpose of SkillFront Accreditation officially attests that: SkillFront is accredited to provide education and certification services globally in ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 14298, Scrum, Kanban, Software Engineering, Six Sigma, Quality Management, DevOps, Leadership, Management, Software Testing and Project Management domains.

The overall process to get your SkillFront MasterClass Bundle created by Yeliz Obergfell: 8 Certifications For Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban Professionals is simple, fast, and rewarding.

  • Step-1: You register online.
  • Step-2: We immediately send your companion training materials, exam access codes, and other bonuses for SkillFront MasterClass Bundle: 8 Certifications For Scrum, DevOps, and Kanban Professionals.
  • Step-3: You take your online test exams and answer multiple-choice questions from your device within 2 years after registration.
  • Step-4: We instantly send your lifetime valid and accredited SkillFront certifications and your shareable and verifiable digital badges after you pass your exams.

How to know what SkillFront Programs are right for you?

The best method we recommend to our students is to reflect on what you would like to accomplish in your career and then match those goals and plans to various Scrum roles and responsibilities.

  • Scrum Masters: They’re servant leaders, but in the same organizational hierarchy level as the Scrum Team. They’re responsible for the correct application of the Scrum Framework within the team and business.
  • Scrum Product Owners: They’re entrepreneurs. They bring and drive the vision. They don’t need to know necessarily how the product is being developed. And yet, they’re the bridge between engineering teams and business stakeholders, and they’re responsible for the ROI (Return on Investment) of their projects.
  • Scrum Developers: They’re cross-functional designers, developers, architects, system engineers, and testers to get the job done! A Scrum Developer doesn’t always need to develop software, but he possesses skills and delivers work, including design, architecture, testing, test automation, etc.
  • Agile Scrum Executives (Leaders): They are team leads, managers, directors, and other higher level executives who oversee agile transformation and business throughput of their agile Scrum organizations.
  • Agile Coaches: Agile Coaches are usually (but not necessarily) experienced Scrum Masters. And yet, instead of being part of the Scrum Team, they typically oversee multiple Scrum teams remotely. They guide not only Scrum teams but also executives to strengthen the agile delivery and business culture.
  • Scrum Trainers: Scrum Trainers go and train teams for a few days and then move to the next training assignment with other clients.
    Scaled Scrum Experts: They subtly run larger Scrum projects, even if your Scrum Team members are distributed in geographically separate locations!
SkillFront MasterClass Deal

Please note that SkillFront Scrum MasterClass Bundle is closing very soon. This SkillFront course and certification program will sell for USD 1,997. This introductory price of USD 247 is a “Register for it now before it’s gone” offer, so act fast!

Link for registration:

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