Invitation To SkillFront Entrepreneurship Masterclass Live, 10,11,12 January, 6+ Hours Live Teaching, 3 Day Sprint


Dear SkillFront Friends,

We’re about a couple of weeks away from our free SkillFront Entrepreneurship Masterclass Event, where our founder, Erkan Sutculer is gonna be teaching live for 6+ hours and delivering a ton of value.

Invitation To SkillFront Entrepreneurship Masterclass Live

We will broadcast this 3 Day Sprint, Live and Daily on January 10th, 11th, and 12th at 11 am CET on our SkillFront Private Entrepreneurship Masterclass Facebook Group.

Have you joined our private SkillFront Facebook group yet?

This is a place you can meet, socialize, learn and support each other. It’s kind of exclusive… not just anyone can get in… You’ve gotta be signed up for our community — which you already are. So we invite you to join us.

This is a great chance to hang out with others who are going through the SkillFront Entrepreneurship Masterclass with you… mix and mingle with each other… get help from our coaches and staff… bounce ideas off each other and share inspiration… and just generally network and have fun.

PLUS… It’s basically one really big, awesome, virtual party… but no hangover at the end… and it will help grow your skills, knowledge, and perspective, which means an amazing career and life you dream of!

We’ll share the formula that has been used by thousands of successful entrepreneurs — and show you how you can put it to work right away. You will learn and be ready to:

* find & launch your business,

* build a predictable marketing system that works around the clock,

* and magnetically attract a flood of new customers that pay, stay, and refer.

This is a “don’t miss” event, so put it on your calendar right now.

AND we’re going to have a lot going on in this SkillFront Masterclass — way more than the three live lessons — and way more than I can share in this email.

The SkillFront Private Entrepreneurship Masterclass Facebook Group will have additional live sessions. Our coaches will be answering questions here, plus you can network with other members of the Entrepreneurship Masterclass:

CLICK BELOW to join the SkillFront Entrepreneurship Masterclass Facebook Group:

Bottom line — it’s gonna be supercool, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We’re looking forward to seeing you live on Monday, January 10th at 11 am CET for the day #1 broadcast of 3 Day Sprint. Mark your calendars!

OK… that’s it. See you soon…
Best regards,
Yeliz Obergfell, Erkan Sutculer



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